Christmas Stollen

Weihnacht’s Stollen

Our State Magazine Food Network

Our Dresden-style Christmas Stollen, previously featured on the Food Network's Food Finds (video), and mentioned in Our State Magazine (article), is now available in the bakery and by mail order through Christmas.

Christmas Stollen is a dense leavened bread made from a sweet dough with citrus peel, raisins, almonds, and a complex blend of spices. Dipped in butter and rolled in sugar (which seals the loaf and gives it a protective coating), Stollen is finished with powdered sugar which looks like snow. You can read about the history of our Dresdner Stollen here.

Each loaf is beautifully packaged for the holidays and makes the perfect gift or treat for Christmas & New Years. Our large (850gr) gift boxed loaf is priced at $23.50 (+ $12.50 shipping) and can be mailed all over the country. Small loaves are $14.50 and available either in our Bakery or shipped (select the plain wrap option below). Get one to give ... and one for yourself! Stollen is an excellent holiday gift for your friends, host and family and keeps for several weeks.

* We ship Stollen through the end of the year starting December 2nd.

* Stollen will be available for pickup in our Bakery starting 11/28.

* Orders should be placed a minimum of 48 hours before your chosen ship date.

* We ship via FedEx Ground ... allow up to 5 business days to the west coast, slightly less to east coast destinations.

* Please order Stollen for shipping on its own (i.e. do not mix with any other items). Thanks!

Stollen (In-Store Pickup)
Lg $23.50 | Sm $14.50 | Star $6.25
Pre-order Stollen for pickup at the bakery.
Stollen (Ship Gift Box)
Ship gift boxes of large Stollen.
Price includes shipping.
Stollen (Ship Plain Wrap)
Ship two or more (large or small) plain wrapped Stollen to one address. Price varies on quantity (and size).